Your Remodel Does Not Intimidate Me

There is a reason your remodel does not intimidate me.  There are several reasons actually. Most of them can be found in the blog I wrote when we were renovating our current home.  You see….I offered to buy our house before I even stepped inside. We purchased it without any inspections or guarantees. I knew it was going to get a full overhaul so the condition of the electrical and plumbing and even the foundation were of little importance.  In my experience up to this point, I knew that anything, with the right team in place, could be fixed and made wonderful. And I proved it (and then some) throughout the process of giving our home A Chance to Shine in 2012.

I realized with this renovation so much about houses and remodelling and patience and planning and possibilities.

Houses are predictable.  Predictable behaviors have been a way of life for me, but I picked up on the predictability of houses during our extensive remodel.  Houses want to be loved and improved. They are open to change and accepting of how the “way we live” changes over time. They shine when they are used and appreciated and honored and celebrated.

House before remodel.

Houses have stories and if the story is changed too much, the house will not feel right.   But if the story is expanded on and embellished and manipulated to meet the needs of those living in it, the house comes alive and lives up to all the expectations we hold.

Houses have surprises and there are parts of their story they will let unfold as you take interest with an open mind and open heart.  These surprises often become the soul of the house. The parts of the house that give us feeling and appreciation for the past, the present and the future.

Brick house after remodel

Planning too much, too far out, or in too much detail can only dilute the process of the house showing us all the ways it can serve us and our needs and our greatest wishes for possibilities.

So your remodeling project doesn’t intimidate me because I know how to take your hopes and dreams and mix them with the story of your house that blends with the story of your life.  A comfortable, honorable, beautiful, functional home that comes alive as you live in it and use it.

Room in the middle of a renovation.

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