We transform your house into a home by creating purposeful spaces that serve your lifestyle while surrounding you with beauty. 

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You would think with all the "how to" shows on DIY and HGTV and the thousands of images on Pinterest, that no one would need a designer.

But if putting all your ideas together doesn't feel natural to you or the process of getting to that finished look is overwhelming, then you need a designer.

Our clients appreciate our help in determining their design style and needs. They also value our expertise in matching the task at hand with the sources and the trades needed to bring to life their vision in order to create that "finished" look.

How do I know if I need an interior designer?

Most of the requests for our work fit into the established product packages we offer. Occasionally we will get a request for a unique design job. Since we are in the custom business, we can determine if JED is a good fit for your needs and create a custom package to deliver results and help you achieve your goals.

What if there is not a package listed for my needs?

Some General Contractors have a resident Designer on their team who will make sure that the project reflects your custom needs as well as your hopes and dreams for the space. However, most do not. 

In that case, it is important you have a Designer to help you navigate the many areas which will need renderings and plans. The list of selections needed to bring a project to the finish line can seem endless and overwhelming without the help of a Designer. Your investment deserves the attention of a professional that can provide you with added value and peace of mind.

If I am working with a General Contractor, why do I need a Designer too?

With the exception of our "Room Redemption" and "Other Services," most of our jobs take a bit of time. From the planning stages to completion, we are in your life for a good while. We like to appropriately estimate how long a project will take on the front end, but the general rule is that it will take as long as it takes to finish everything we set out to do. We take the inconvenience of a home improvement project seriously and aim to complete your project as efficiently as possible. Indecision by the client, product delays, and sub-contractor availability are the likely time traps and the type of things that cause a job to take longer than expected.

How long will my project take?

A thorough estimate is provided to our clients before a job begins. The Design and/or Project Management fees are just a portion of the items which make up the project cost.  Our system is an a la carte one. You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get. If something on the estimate is not executed, you do not pay for it. If something is added, you pay for it. If the scope of work changes, the design and project management fees change too. I like to use the example of going to the grocery store. You walk in with a list but you pay for whatever you've placed in your cart at checkout, whether or not it was on your original list. We like to spend our time getting your job done, and not on paperwork, so reasonable requests will result in reasonable additions to what you pay in the end. 

How much will my project cost?

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